Pamper the Parents :: In Support of The Children's Hospital & Ronald McDonald House at Westmead & Bear Cottage Manly

Archive: November 2013

Forbes spring deb girls

$5200 raised to help bit out the orthopedic ward at The Children’s Hospital Westmead !!! Well done and Thankyou. we are building a computer system that allows families to watch movies , play games , and keep entertained whilst they wait,

Pamper The Parents comitee

Thankyou anita from evolve suzy Morrison mandy Hexter brien osbourne josie Odonnel sal Rorke jane Mulroney jodie mills carole McCormack nikki Walshe mel Greco darren cowan and family my family these guys work on this for months before to achieve

Ben Chico from Harris farm Thankyou

On pamper the parents day Ben Chico and the boys from Sydney fruit markets donated the biggest truck of fruit and flowers we have ever had and we sold every box !ben has taken on his fathers legacy in a massive way Thankyou so much to all your

Forbes debutants!!!!

i had the honor last weekend to be the patron of honour at the Forbes spring ball deb , one im so proud of the girls for all their hard work and passion and commitment to pamper the parents . They have raised in excess if 4500 to help make a

Pamper the parents day was a success!!!?

Pamper the parents day this year was amazing ! The best ever Thanku to all the volunteers who have there time and energy and passion, to make a difference in people lives .we raised around $13000.00 this wi be used to finish the Rmh wish list an