Pamper the Parents :: In Support of The Children's Hospital & Ronald McDonald House at Westmead & Bear Cottage Manly

Fund Raising

Pick Up The Tab!

This year for Pamper the Parents we’re jumping aboard the Ronald McDonald House Westmead campaign to “Pick Up The Tab!”

Imagine being so young and battling a serious illness. It’s scary stuff. What’s even scarier is facing it all without your family by your side.

Accommodating families at Ronald McDonald House Westmead costs $154 for just one night, with many families needing to stay for days, weeks and even months on end. Families are already facing life’s toughest challenges without the stress of financial pressures – so let’s pick up the tab!

Join us out at Pamper the Parents Day on 10 September 2017, or make a donation through us to support this great cause!